Monday, 1 September 2014

How to Get Listed in Online Web Directories

How to Get Listed in Online Web Directories

By Thomas Edwords Wright

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Expert Author Thomas Edwords Wright
Every business wants to get listed in web directories these days for attracting new customers and increasing their sales. The three main factors that determine the output in an online listing process are time and money invested, and quality maintained by the indexing website.

In the age of Information Technology, every type of business wishes to get an effective online presence so as to attract prospective customers from different corners of the world. However, submitting to various online directories to gain maximum results is an art that one should learn before the submission. There are various aspects that come to forefront before an online indexing actually takes place. A number of steps that an enrolling business needs to fulfill to ensure that the real purpose is accurately served are discussed in the following paragraphs.

If we discuss from the point of view of an enterprise, there are certain points that a business needs to focus on before actually submitting its credentials for indexing. Online listing on top websites is quite a time consuming process. It takes some time for an admin panel to review the company credentials and website quality before it approves or rejects your petition. Quality of the website doesn't mean its design or layout; it rather means the quality of content and useful information that a site has to provide to its users.

Free directories generally take more time than the paid ones. Again, the price charged for listing also varies from one directory to another depending on the amount of online visibility an enterprise needs over a particular period of time. Earlier all small and big businesses use to come under a strict vigilance of the admin panel because quality and authentication test were must irrespective of any size of production. Nowadays, the rules are liberalized as there is a tremendous competition amid the listing services where each one is striving to gain maximum number of business contacts to expand their indexing.

A major mistake that most enterprises commit in the process is they forget to gauge the market niche of their trade before planning their submission. For instance, a small beauty parlor, based in the steel town in eastern India, will benefit more by getting enlisted in a local business directory instead of a global one. Again, a localized online marketing strategy will serve a better purpose for this beauty parlor. If everyone starts understanding this basic fact, the whole concept of indexing will gain fresh dimensions and this will also help the search engines in providing more accurate results to the web surfers.

Thomas Wright and his team are involved in developing an online directory for BardhamanLive. Presently, her team is conducting a comparative research on cosmetic trends and beauty parlours in Durgapur.

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