Friday, 21 November 2014

Camping Tips for the Outdoors

Camping Tips for the Outdoors

By M K Khan  |   Submitted On November 17, 2014

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Expert Author M K Khan
The holiday season is quickly dawning upon us, which means that it's time to book a camping spot if you haven't already done so. I guess that is the first tip - book a camping spot before you do anything else. In this article, I will reveal a few tips that will ease your trip and enhance your camping adventure.

Pack lightly but include the essentials. This sounds contradictory but it's important. Find lightweight versions of the camping equipment that you need. Such as an easy-to-assemble tent with fibreglass poles and a sleeping bag with hollow fibre filling. Using lightweight camping equipment will make your camp visit more relaxed because you won't have to lug around heavy equipment.

Pack non-perishable foods wherever possible. You might be far from a refrigerator so packing something that needs to be kept frozen or cool may not be such a good idea. Also, you won't be able to put everything in a cooler bag. Include foods such as canned baked beans, canned vegetables, or other canned foods that you like. You could include meat but you'll have to prepare it on the day you arrive if you don't store it in a cooler bag.

Use a cooler box. For the items that you need to keep cool such as meat, invest in a quality cooler box. Also remember to include the frozen packs before you leave home. Keep the meat in the cooler box until it's needed and ensure that opening the cooler box is kept to a minimum.

Drink lots of water. This is something that many people underestimate when packing. This is not an item that should be skimped on. We all need plenty of water to remain hydrated while outdoors, especially on those warm and sunny days.

Use sunscreen. While we're on the subject of warm and sunny days, ensure that you include a sunblock with a high protection factor. You want to enjoy your holiday and tell the story after, not be sunburnt afterwards.

Be prepared and have a contingency plan. Wherever you have prepared a food item or have packed your camping equipment include a backup for that item. Alternatively you need to have a plan where you are able to source that camping product or food nearby if needed. So have sufficient cash at hand (not too much) in case of emergency.

These are few camping tips that will make your journey a pleasant one. So get your family together and camping gear loaded and have fun.

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