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History-Making Returns on Investment: Planning Makes Perfect

History-Making Returns on Investment: Planning Makes Perfect

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A penny saved is a penny earned. However, with proper investment planning, a penny invested can turn into two pennies, three pennies, or thousands of pennies. Therein lies the issue: "can." Investing can yield sizable rewards or, on the other hand, major disappointment. That's why it is crucial that you enlist the assistance of a professional financial planner. With the proper assistance, you can only hope to achieve an ROI comparable to these financial geniuses.
1. In 1972, Warren Buffet saw a delicious opportunity in See's Candies. At the time, the family business was a locally operated candy venture, limited to serving the west coast. With a sweet $25 million and some elbow grease, Buffet was able to turn See's Candies into a $1.35 billion return.
2. Believe it or not, there was a time when McDonald's didn't occupy every single street corner. That unimaginable time period was the 1930s, and it was a sad, value menu-less era. However, Ray Kroc, had a dream of a happy, burger-filled country. Kroc helped the franchise fund its earliest restaurants, eventually buying out the entire venture. What did his investment planning earn him? Oh, just a measly $1.1 billion. Just think of how many large Cokes that could buy!
3. Speaking of the soft drink, the recipe for the refreshing enterprise was concocted by a pharmacist looking to cure headaches. The pharmacist was in failing health, and with the concoction bringing little revenue; he sold off the recipe to Asa Candler for a value worth $58,000 today. This was back in 1891, but 32 years later, Candler sold the recipe for a value now comparable to $332 million. If that isn't a large enough return, think of what he could have sold it for today!
4. There was also a dark period in our history when online shopping had not yet been invented. But Benchmark Capital decided to bid $6.7 million on this little thing called eBay. Back in the 1990s, this was risky business. However, within a couple years, the purchase proved lucrative - $6.8 billion lucrative.
5. In other online endeavors, Peter Thiel decided to throw an even $500,000 at a small website back in 2005. In just seven years, Thiel was able to sell off 80% of his investment for $400 million. Which website could generate such an ROI in less than a decade? Facebook.
Not every financial endeavor will prove so successful. In fact, without proper investment planning, a transaction can prove to be extremely unfortunate. However, if you enlist an experienced broker, you can reap the benefits of money well invested!
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