Tuesday, 18 November 2014

5 Different Storage Ideas for DVDs

5 Different Storage Ideas for DVDs

By Keerthana Ramachandran  |   Submitted On November 13, 2014

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Are you looking for a way to eliminate the DVD clutter in your home or workplace? When you store all your discs together, it becomes easy to locate and access them. There are various disc storage options available in the market to help you sort out and organize your DVD stash. These storage items save a significant amount of space and also protect your discs from dust and scratches.

Here are a few storage items that provide practical and economical ideas to all your DVD storage problems:

Wallet cases:

The storage capacity of a wallet case depends on the number of sleeves it has. Some wallet cases have a number of pages and look like a book. As each of these pages have 4 disc slots, you can store hundreds of DVDs in a single wallet. Small-sized cases containing 4 to 6 sleeves are also available. They are compact and make disc access simple. Some wallet cases are as big as briefcases and are provided with zips.

DVD tins:

DVD tins are storage cases that provide high-end, professional packaging. Some DVD tins have a window through which you can see the title of the disc and other information. Some of them come with a tray for convenient storage of multiple discs. These tins come with a removable lid. DVD tins are usually made of metal or plastic and can be used when you have many discs to store.

Multi-way cases and Plastic tubs:

Multi-disc storage items are available in the form of tubs and cases. Multi-way cases contain swing trays or booklet clips that allow an inlay to be inserted. These cases can hold a maximum of 10 to 12 discs. Clear plastic tubs are good for organizing loose DVDs. They come with a central pole (spindle) and can hold up to 50 discs which can be placed one over the other.


DVD spiders are usually made up of strong, rigid styrene. These spiders consist of a self-adhesive plastic clip and are easy to peel and place. Spiders can be used to attach DVDs onto brochures, letters, promotional material etc., and are an effective tool to hold your disc firmly in place. DVD spiders are available in black, white and clear variants.


Sleeves are convenient storage units for both professional and domestic use. Sleeves come with a creased flap (which may or may not contain adhesive) to protect discs from falling out. As a sleeve is thin and transparent, it is easy to read the label of the DVD which is inside. 1 or 2 discs can be inserted easily in a sleeve. A DVD sleeve is so sleek that it can be carried around between 2 pages of a book.

Managing your DVD collection:

The way you arrange your DVDs depends on the size of your collection and personal preferences. DVDs can be organized in alphabetic order (by artist/movie name), or categorized based on genres, age groups (kids and adults), mood (rocking, relaxing etc) and other criteria of your choice. By doing so, you save a lot of time and energy, which would otherwise be spent in searching! Remember to put your DVDs back in their right places when you finish using them. Make use of labels to locate discs easily when you have your collection arranged in shelves or drawers. In addition to protecting your DVDs with suitable storage cases, it is important to handle them carefully when you take them out for use.

Choosing the right storage solution for your DVD collection

Before thinking of the type of case you want to buy, find out the number of DVDs you need to store. Compare the costs of DVD cases sold by different retailers online and select one that fits your requirements and budget. Look for websites that offer discounts on bulk purchases. Read customer reviews to choose a suitable retailer from whom you can purchase high-quality, durable DVD cases at affordable prices.

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