Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hobbies That Make Money Online: What's Fun But Earning?

Hobbies That Make Money Online: What's Fun But Earning?

By David Oriole

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Expert Author David Oriole
Hobbies that make money online

"Fun and Earning"

All people in this world I believe have their own hobbies. I could say that, hobbies are the best way to reduce our stress. These stressors may be coming from school, bad relationships, bad friendships, problems, and most of the time WORK. So what if, since work is the leading cause of stress, make a work out of our hobbies? I don't think that a hobby that is converted into work will make you stressful still, so I'm making this article for you guys to know that some of the hobbies that we may have could actually be a source of our income; not just simple income but something that may be enough for us to sustain a living. Take note though that some of these hobbies are something not everyone could do, but what if you're that lucky guy who can do one of this? Then let me show you how you can earn a lot buy just doing a hobby you normally do on a regular basis.

So these are hobbies that make money online, these may not be all but I'm sure these are good ones. Moreover, I separated it into direct and in direct; direct if you directly earn from doing it, and indirect if you're indirectly earning from it through 3rd party source like ads or sponsors for example.

Hobbies that make money (Direct)

Writing - writing to some people is a hobby; whether they are writing a diary, a book, or anything else that they write. But do you know writing as a HOBBY could be a great source of income? I don't mean the TYPICAL article writing, but I do mean about writing about your WISDOM and good THOUGHTS. There are lots of websites nowadays who's writing inspirational quotes coming from those people who have the wisdom to write on it, so if you're that person, why not your regular hobby on Facebook writing about a good quote of the day be your source of income instead? Don't you think you should consider it? Try it!

Web design - I don't mean the complicated html, coding, java, etc. stuffs, but I do mean about social media profiles that you can design. There are lots of social media sites nowadays like Friendster whose profiles can be designed in a theme that people may want. Some of these people even if the social media itself is easy to manipulate, still doesn't know how to do so. This is where you will set in, designing for those people who don't know how to customize their profiles on a specific site. This may not profit you that much, but I'm sure it's quite the deal as well.

Arts and photography - Painting, Drawing, and photography are one of the most famous hobbies most people do have, but a little only knows how to make money from it online. Well, the good thing is that there are lots of people who are requesting these kinds of stuffs, that's why these are something in demand. Most of the time they request on Photoshop, banners, and signatures so if you're one of these people whose good in making these; this could be a great source of income for you!
Hobbies that make money (Indirect)

Singing - Singing is one of the best way to make a living, but only if you undergone some vigorous training and experience. BUT NOT ANYMORE! When you can sing quite well, posting on YouTube your songs may actually profit you a lot. You may not earn from people paying you to sing, but you will actually earn through AdSense when a person viewing your video will click the ads Google had placed on it. A single ad click may not be that much, but if you could gather thousands of viewers because of your good voice, then you could actually earn a lot from this!

Dancing - This has the same concept as that of singing, the only difference is that this time you will dance instead of singing.

Talk Show - This may sounds weird, but there are actually a lot of people whose hobby is talking. Want to talk about the latest trend in the web? Want to talk about the latest celebrity gossip? Then a talk show host may be the best for you! I don't mean to be a big time host like that of Oprah, what I mean is creating a channel about it! You create a channel on YouTube, and then make a video talking about the stuffs that you like to talk about, and then gather audiences that may want to hear this new gossip or information of yours then make them enjoy. You will earn a lot from this through indirect earning (AdSense), but may take some time. But if you actually have the best talking skills, then this hobby and at the same time a work may suit you best! One of the best examples that I could share to you is Philip DeFranco, well he's just an ordinary guy like you, but he's good in talking.

So these are some of the best hobbies that make money online, I know these may not be all, but I guess these are one of the most used. Just an additional information though about those direct ways; those are in wide variety and everything there were just examples of many. You can also do blogging in the writing category, also in the arts category, photo editing and video editing are also included. Anyway, for you guys to be guided about these direct ways, you may want to check and Elance about these projects because there are thousands of those kinds of jobs in that category. Just be sure to have a working laptop with word docs and adobe photoshop, or any kind of editing softwares that will grant you the job. About the price, most of the time, a single photo edit may grant you more than $5 so I guess it's quite the deal. I guess that's all for now. If you like this article, please subscribe and leave a comment. I wish you like this hobbies that make money online post of mine.

Hi, I'm David Oriol and been into online money making for years, I have my own blog which is Money Making Pillars which is full of online money making tips made by me. I love sharing my unique thoughts to the people, and I would like to be the reason why people get the freedom that they want from being imprisoned by troublesome jobs. I wish I could be a part of anyone's life, something good, and something that they will remember.


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