Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Top-Tier Direct Sales Model VS Traditional MLM

Top-Tier Direct Sales Model VS Traditional MLM

By Evan DuChene  |   Submitted On October 02, 2014

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Expert Author Evan DuChene
In traditional MLM, the biggest obstacle is that it takes far too long if ever, to make any real money. For example, regardless of the compensation plan, it takes on average 2000 reps to make $5k/mo. The typical investment is less than $400; however you only get to keep a nickel ($0.05) on average for every $1 that you invest. It generally takes many years to make a 6 figure income ($10K+/mo) in a tradition MLM model. In a top-tier business model, it is a larger buy in (typically $1k+), but you keep 100% of the commission. Basically you're comparing the opportunity to keep $0.05 VS $1.00 which is a huge difference.

Generally speaking, you will typically attract higher quality prospects into a top-tier business model because of the immediate profit potential, which actually makes the recruiting process easier versus traditional MLM. In addition, people who invest $1k +, are much less apt to be tire kickers needing to be constantly motivated like you find in MLM models.

Most people are attracted to traditional MLM's because of the low start up cost and the rarely attained "residual income" goal. It is true that a large organization has the potential of producing residual income. However it is also a fact that less than 1% of those who join ever reach the top levels of the compensation plan.

In a top-tier direct sales business model, you can realistically generate multiple 6 figures in a short period of time. You then can grow your wealth by investing in passive income opportunities such as real-estate, annuities, other businesses or stocks and bonds creating multiple traditional passive income streams. The average person has a realistic opportunity to generate a 6-figure income within 30 - 90 days

So for my money, the answer to the Top-Tier Direct Sales Model VS Traditional MLM question is this. If you have limited funds to invest, are in need of constant prodding, motivation, hand holding and are looking to just give it a try, then I would suggest a low cost traditional MLM business model.

If you are a serious business minded individual that understands that to become a success in any business, it will require an investment of both persistent consistent effort and money, then I firmly believe a Top Tier direct sales business model is for you.

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