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Best Cat Food for Overweight Cats

Best Cat Food for Overweight Cats

By Jamie Black  |   Submitted On September 24, 2014

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Expert Author Jamie Black
A lot of domesticated cats are overweight because of inactivity and the kinds of food they eat. Many indoor cats are fed dry cat food because it is very convenient for cat owners. Others feed their cat whatever food is on sale that week in order to save some money. These scenarios are understandable, however do not be surprised if this is you and your cat is overweight.

This is because dry food and cheaper brands are loaded with grains and wheat sources. Many manufacturers use these sources because they are cheaper to produce and the profits will be higher. Cats are not built to digest carbohydrates from these sources.

The best cat foods for overweight cats have a real meat source as the number one ingredient. This means the first listed ingredient is chicken, turkey, or beef. Many of the middle-tier and top-tier brands ensure that their food comes from mainly a meat source. These brands make sure that no-or minimal-grain sources are present in their foods.

Prescription Diets

When people have cats with overweight issues, it is common to take a trip to the veterinarian and get prescribed cat food with the goal of weight loss. A lot of the time the brand prescribed is Science Diet. This cat food is twice as expensive as normal cat food, because you are getting it prescribed to you.

What many cat owners do not know is that this special diet food is worse than something you can get at your local pet store. If you actually look closely at the ingredients listed, this vet food is full of the wheat and grain sources that I mentioned above. A lot of these foods do not have a meat source as the main source. Actually, a lot of these foods do not have a meat source period.

It is important to not get caught up in the hype of prescription diets. If you do your research and look at the ingredients in any cat food, you should be able to determine what cat food will be healthy enough for your cat to eat and lose weight from it.

In order to see weight loss in a cat, it is important to look at the ingredients. Once you find a brand that you trust, make sure you regulate the eating habits of your cat. If you maintain adequate eating levels of a healthy cat food, weight loss can certainly be achieved without having to spend a lot of money at the veterinarian.

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