Saturday, 6 September 2014

Top 5 Reasons Why I Make Money Online As A Businessman

Top 5 Reasons Why I Make Money Online As A Businessman

By Dickson Okorafor

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Expert Author Dickson Okorafor
As I make money online for over five years now, I have noticed that most people who seek for income opportunities online think that money can be made automatically without working for it. They do not realize that online employment and business opportunities are the same with offline opportunities. This is because, a worker cannot take anything out of the system without putting in something. You must be ready to supply your unique ideas, your time and even your money as your contribution.

To make money online and even earn residual income you have to differentiate between paid employment and business ownership. If you are in Paid employment, you develop the"employment mentality"in which you:

expect to be guided by the boss and told what to do and be followed upon to perform.
look for incentives from your employer to get motivated. No incentive, nothing will be done.
However, a real businessman develops the "business owner mentality" and positions himself to drive the system he set up to reach his goal. You have to put in everything because you are:

the boss, you set up your plans and goals for your business and you direct yourself to implement your business strategy.
your own motivator and incentive system and even make sacrifices to grow the business.
As a business owner you can be mentally tough. Business owners embrace failure and failure is one of the ways to learn how to be successful.
Well, you can see that there's no free lunch anywhere, even online. Both employees and businessmen make contributions before their earnings arrive. Employees may be rewarded immediately upon completion of a certain task. But returns on the efforts of a businessman takes time to mature. As for me, I decided to make money online as a businessman than to be an employee due to the following reasons:

employees have fixed income whereas business owners have unlimited earnings
employees make money only when they work whereas a business owner earns residual income
An employee is only an asset in the system while the business owner owns the system
A businessman gives Instructions/Directives whereas employees take Instructions/Directives.
A businessman leads while employees follow.
Have you ever compared the two options in terms of how to make money online. Would you like to be independent or under a boss. How do you see my choice and reasons. Let me know your mind by submitting your comment including the reasons for your position.

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