Friday, 26 September 2014

Mistakes to Avoid When Putting Up a Coffee Business

Mistakes to Avoid When Putting Up a Coffee Business

By Joseph Gund  |   

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Expert Author Joseph Gund
The general mistake that some people do in starting up a coffee business is they never treat it enough like a business. Your passion for coffee is one driving factor, but you must also have a passion for business. You must be aware of certain things before you shell out cash and buy coffee shop properties. Starting up any business includes a rife of risks that the uncertain economy could bring. However no one can deny the truth that coffee is a potential business that promises substantial rewards.

It's no wonder that there are a number of coffee shops for sale for all those aspiring entrepreneurs. While managing a coffee shop is fun and fulfilling, it requires a lot of hard work to keep up with the other fast growing brands. If you fail to do so, your resources will slowly dry out. Not to mention the tax bill that you need to deal with and the employees that you need to monitor every now and then.

Before you buy coffee shop properties, it is important that you set right your expectations. When you do this do it with all honesty. When a certain plan is not feasible due to financial constraints then do not push for it. Opt for the plan that is safer and more doable. Business is all about being daring and cautious when called to be. A wise businessman should always know which is called for in a specific situation.

Another general mistake that people do with their coffee shop business is their failure to see things in a larger scale. It's a business indeed that sells specialty coffee along with coffee accompaniments such as pastry, cookies, waffle and others. But behind the selling concerns are a lot of equally important things that are necessary for operations: staff, insurance, license, marketing, product development, and more. Business is not just about selling, it's also about successful management. Put it in mind before you close a deal for any coffee shops for sale.

Mistakes also include the coffee shop owners neglecting to hear out the customers' feedback. Well you won't usually hear it directly from them but it's good to have a feedback system in your coffee shop. A letterbox perhaps would do well so the people can drop their comments and suggestions. You can also put feedback cards on the table so the customers can write in it whenever they feel like to.

Joseph works at Cafe2u, a mobile coffee franchise company in the UK. The company provides franchise opportunities for anyone looking to buy coffee shop properties and coffee vans. In his spare time he enjoys camping and swimming and writing blog posts about coffee and other beverages.

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