Sunday, 24 August 2014

Why Google Wants to See Diversity and Personality in Applications

Why Google Wants to See Diversity and Personality in Applications

By Edmund Brunetti

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Creative CV Google submissions are on the rise as more and more people from all facets of the tech and information industry try to gain a position with the company. Making sure you have a creative resume Google package ready to go when a position comes up can put you ahead of the other candidates. When you are starting to put together your creative presentation, remember that Google wants to see diversity and personality in their applications.

It isn't just what people think they want

The call for an emphasis on diversity and personality isn't an industry interpretation of Google's hiring trends; it is what Google has come straight out and said it wants to see in an application. The movie, "The Internship," was a comedic take on the competition for a coveted internship with Google, but it was a fairly accurate portrayal of the kind of innovative thinking and approach they are looking for in their employees. Google isn't looking for employees that can help them do what they already are doing; they are looking for employees who will be able to step forward with them into the future.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a website as a cover letter?

While any application is going to need a cover letter before your resume and CV, how you present the information to Google is where you can begin to take control of the process. There are several benefits, and disadvantages to using a website as your covering letter.

• Advantage - You get to showcase your skills with presentation and packaging that allow you to present your qualifications in a more engaging manner.
• Advantage - Your site can be seen by other companies that may be compatible to your stated goals.
• Advantage - It gives you a chance to "show, not tell" about your real skills in the same environment you want to work in.
• Disadvantages - It can be hard to stand out among the millions of websites to be noticed.
• Disadvantages - You don't have control over when the company will review your site, if they ever do.
• Disadvantage - It limits the specificity of the information you can put out about your skills and qualifications due to privacy issues and non-disclosure agreements you to which you may be subject.

Which do you send in first?

When you are getting ready to apply it is very important that you read the application requirements first. The listing will say in what order they wish to receive your information. If you are angling for a position that isn't being advertised, a creative CV Google submission to the appropriate department manager is your best route. Follow this up with your creative resume Google will want after you have piqued their interest. Don't send references, but offer them upon request. It should go without saying that you should have a full and complete personal page and profile on G+ too. Make sure you are "googlable" before you send any hard copy or emails - after all, remember who you are applying to for a position.

Can you use the same CV for other companies?

The nature of the Internet is that nothing is private. While that usually isn't a good thing, this is the one case where you will appreciate that your CV is out there and on display for other companies to see. There are many creative examples of dynamic, web-based CVs online that showcase the person in the technological environment they thrive in. It can also work to your advantage because it will make your target company aware that you are serious about gaining a position and they have to act fast

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